JJ Christopher's

Hiram Milliken's Nightmare Land: The Hill Witch, part II

Cover art concept designed and created by JJ Christopher

Cover art drawn and produced by Alan Joseph Silva

About the Book

In Lancaster, Connecticut, Margaret Adler is gone. She vanished just seconds before her house exploded into a fireball. Her dark secrets remain in a hidden, basement room where science and murder came together, and gave birth to awesome power... 

... only when she left, she wasn't alone.

Hiram Milliken, the twisted child killer, is with her even though his body lies in the middle of Wickett Avenue, his dead eyes staring up into the black night sky.

They tried to steal Jeremy McKee's soul, they tried to kill his friends - they killed his father - but he fought and he won, and the price of his victory was more than they ever dreamt possible.

Now, Hiram is trapped inside Margaret's body and in control of her fantastic powers. Jeremy and his friends are hunting for him with the help of a surprise ally from the government institution known only as The Agency.

Hiram will stop at nothing to have a new body for himself, one with the power to crush anyone who stands in his way, but to succeed, more children must die.

The battle begins anew.

The power was never meant to be in the hands of a madman.


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