Hiram Milliken's Nightmare Land: The Hill Witch, part II


Derek ran down the sands at full tilt. He stared at the rocks in the distance and became despondent when they didn’t seem to be getting any closer. He was about to try and push himself harder when the sour taste of realization came to him. Derek suddenly stopped. The waves slipped over his bare feet and licked at his ankles. The wind wisped through his orange hair as he slammed his hands on his hips, disgusted.

“Jeremy!” Derek suddenly spat, his voice dipped in anger. “I know it’s you! I can feel you in my mind!” Silence greeted his call. It only served to make him angrier. He cupped his hands in front of his mouth, and yelled, “I mean it, man! Knock it off! I hate this crap! When I want to go to the beach, I’ll ride in a car like everyone else, okay!?”

“It’s not Jeremy,” a voice suddenly boomed.

The force of the sound struck Derek like a physical blow. It knocked him off of his feet and sent him flying. He rolled over the dunes and bounced twice before landing flat on his face. He drew up on his hands spitting out a mouth full of sand. His head snapped toward the ocean as the waves suddenly stopped moving. The water pulled back away from the shore. It looked like it was forming itself into an angry snarl. Derek’s eyes widened as the water started to spin. It grew upward becoming a column, a raging water spout two hundred yards tall. It drew the ocean in from the horizon. Derek watched terrified as the massive swirling funnel began to change form. It expanded and contracted, bubbling into the shape of a man.

Not a man, Derek thought, terrified. A giant!

The water giant’s features were plain as he swayed from side to side. Derek tried to move, to run, but he was frozen with fear. The water giant stretched, clenching his fists as if he were struggling. The more Derek stared at him, the more he seemed to grow. The water giant opened its mouth, a gaping maw in the middle of the sky, and cried:


The scream was deafening. It sent a blast of wind that tore Derek from the sand and sent him careening through the air. He slammed down hard on his back, digging into the sand. He felt the wind rush out of him as he rolled to one knee. He struggled to catch his breath, doubled over and gasping. When he looked up again, his fear grew to ice cold terror. The water giant’s face shrank as it became more defined. Its image was transparent, but its features belonged to someone Derek recognized immediately. His breath came back to him in a horrified gasp.

“Oh, my God!” Derek cried, his color fading to china white. “Hiram!”

Hiram The Water Giant looked menacingly down at tiny little Derek Mellon. He exploded in laughter so loud the entire world shook.

Derek started to cry. Oh, God! he thought, desperately. Jeremy! Help me! Oh, please!

No one answered. There was nothing in his mind except silence. There was nothing in the world except the tremors from Hiram The Water Giant’s feet as he walked to the shore, straight toward Derek’s tiny screaming body.


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